Tricky old teacher fucks naïve student

Tricky old teachers are a dime a dozen. They are in every high school and college across the country, always waiting to take advantage of the next unsuspecting naïve young slut. Sofy Torr is an underachieving student struggling to make her grades. Quite frankly, she is a bit dumb. She needs what tricky old teachers refer to as 'after school attention'. This is when a sexy girl is asked to stay after class so that she can be tricked into sucking cock and getting her pussy fucked. With Sofy Torr it was pretty easy. Her teacher offered to the opportunity to receive high grades in exchange for a blowjob and a roll in the hay. She thought about it for a minute, then eagerly accepted. Sofy dropped to her knees and began sucking immediately eager to get it over with. But she never imagined she would enjoy it as much as she did. It was the best sex of her life. The teacher fucked her tight twat and made her cum repeatedly.

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