Sandra gets tricked into sex by her perverted teacher
Sandra loves getting into mischief at school. In the hallways, bathrooms and locker-room she is known as the cute, naughty little dick sucker. She loves going down on all the hot boys and has been caught in the act not once, but several times. Today she is called up to the principal's office, again. But this time he wants to really teach her a lesson, something she will never forget. If Sandra does not want to be permanently expelled from her expensive private school, she will have to suck and fuck her principal right inside his office. He was shocked to discover that she had no problem whatsoever with this. In fact, she eagerly got down on her knees and gave him the best blowjob of his life. She deepthroated his cock and licked on his balls, then took off her panties and opened her legs to receive his hard dick. She left the office with a sticky face full of cum, and the worst thing is, she went on sucking cock at school like nothing happened. Some girls just can't be cured from sluttiness.
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