Horny teacher takes advantage of sexy young student
Trisha knows pretty well that getting good grades in school has nothing to do with how hard you study, only how hard you fuck. Sadly this rule does not apply to everyone; only if you're a sexy hot teen babe willing to do anything for the grade. It's not the first time that Trisha has used her body to get ahead in life. I mean, she isn't a whore, she just knows how the world works and takes complete advantage of it. With a stunning tight body like that, can you really blame her? Her nasty old teacher is more than happy enough to suck her perky tits and shove his cock down her throat and up her teen pussy. It's the first time a student has ever offered him sex in exchange for a passing grade and you can bet he was more than happy to accept the deal. Realistically, when do you think an ugly old fart like him will get another chance to fuck such a hot young slut? Probably not ever.
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